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  • 31 August 2018

    The training vessel of the Gdynia Maritime Academy will arrive to Port Louis on September 4th, 2018 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence by Poland. The visit coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius.

    The ship will be welcomed by: Prof Janusz Zarębski – Rector of the Gdynia Maritime Academy, Mrs. Agnieszka Torres de Oliveira, Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Poland and Mr. Ben Padayachy, Honorary Consul-Designate of the Republic of Poland in Mauritius as well as the officials from Mauritius.

    The SV Dar Młodzieży will be open for the public on Wednesday, September 4th between 10am
    and 5 pm. 


    Dar Młodzieży (Polish: Gift of the Youth) is a Polish sail training ship of the Gdynia Maritime Academy. The ship was launched in November 1981 at the Gdańsk shipyard, Poland,
    and commissioned for service in July 1982 at Gdynia.

    In the history of Polish maritime education there have been a lot of grand cruises, which constitute milestones in the history of Polish sails. On top of these there have been always voyages around the world. The sailing vessels of Gdynia Maritime University have twice circumnavigated the world.
    In 1934/1935 it was the "Dar Pomorza" and her successor – the "Dar Młodzieży" that closed the world circle on the most difficult route around the three capes, in her voyage in 1987/88.

    The current cruise has been organized not only to commemorate the Anniversary of the Regaining our Independence, but also to show a modern-day Poland and the potential of our country. 

    The Embassy of Poland and the Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation
    will launch a seminar “The Potential of Polish Maritime Economy” during the vessel’ s visit.

    Poland is very concentrated on maritime issues. A great symbol of that is the establishment
    of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, which is responsible in general
    for maritime economy, maritime safety and security, maritime education, as well as for fisheries, water management and inland navigation.

    The core domains of Polish maritime economy are maritime transport and seaports, maritime services, fisheries and fish processing, shipbuilding and ship-repairing, maritime education
    and vocational training, marine science, research and technology, specialized construction
    and engineering.

    Poland together with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) organized this year World Maritime Day Parallel Event. The next step showing the Polish interest in maritime area is a plan
    to be a member of IMO Council.

    The Independence Cruise has been organized by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Gdynia Maritime University and Pallottine Missionary Foundation


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